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Retirement Prospects for the Millennials: What is the Early Prognosis?

Various policy developments and long-term economic, social, and demographic trends raise worrisome questions about the financial security of future retirees. An erosion in employer-sponsored defined benefit pension coverage and the increase in Social Security’s full retirement age could shrink future benefits. Stagnating employment and earnings for men could threaten future retirement security, because retirement benefits […]

Will the Financial Fragility of Retirees Increase?

The elderly have long been seen as financially fragile, meaning that they may be ill-equipped to absorb a financial shock. The key reason is that, once retired, they have little ability to increase their income compared to working households. Going forward, retirees will get less of their income from Social Security and traditional pensions and […]

Why Are So Many Households Unable to Cover a $400 Unexpected Expense?

Despite a strong economic recovery, about 40 percent of households in 2017 still said they would have trouble paying for a $400 unexpected expense. When households are operating under such a tight budget, building a nest egg for retirement can be challenging. This brief uses data from two Federal Reserve surveys – the Survey of […]

Trends in Retirement Security by Race/Ethnicity

Retirement security has declined in the wake of the global financial crisis and ensuing recession. Despite an extended period of recovery, half of households ages 30-59 are at risk of inadequate retirement income compared to 44 percent in 2007. The questions addressed in this brief are how the percentage at risk varies by race/ethnicity in […]

Media and Mental Illness in a Post-Truth Era

It has been argued convincingly that the public’s primary source of information about mental illness is the media: news, entertainment, and the echo chamber of social media. These depictions cue, frame, and otherwise guide our interpretive frameworks in both obvious and subtle ways. Visual media may be especially compelling and impactful in guiding social awareness, […]