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New Clues To ALS And Alzheimer’s Disease From Physics

The same process that causes dew drops to form on a blade of grass appears to play an important role in Alzheimer’s disease and other brain diseases. The process, known as phase transition, is what allows water vapor to condense into liquid water, or even freeze into solid ice. That same sort of process allows […]

The Black-White Wage Gap Is as Big as It Was in 1950

That’s remarkable. Despite decades of political change — the end of enforced segregation across the South, the legalization of interracial marriage, the passage of multiple civil rights laws and more — the wages of black men trail those of white men by as much as when Harry Truman was president. That gap indicates that there […]

People in mental health crises need help, not handcuffs

Our country needs a compassionate and evidence-based response to mental health crises. Establishing 9-8-8 as a nationwide hotline for helping people having mental health crises and preventing suicide, something the Federal Communications Commission is moving forward with, would give people a dedicated, easy-to-remember number to get help. We also need a range of culturally competent […]

The U.S. Is Lagging Behind Many Rich Countries. These Charts Show Why.

The United States is different. In nearly every other high-income country, people have both become richer over the last three decades and been able to enjoy substantially longer lifespans. But not in the United States. Even as average incomes have risen, much of the economic gains have gone to the affluent — and life expectancy […]

Alzheimer’s Researchers Go Back To Basics To Find The Best Way Forward

Three research institutions in Seattle have joined forces to study how Alzheimer’s disease takes root in the brain. The consortium will create a new research center at the Allen Institute for Brain Science to study tissue from brains donated by people who died with Alzheimer’s. UW Medicine and the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Group […]