Minority Aging

Hispanics’ Retirement Security

The number of older Hispanics in the United States is growing rapidly, and many face significant financial challenges because of employment histories marked by low-earning jobs that do not generally offer retirement benefits. Older Hispanics receive much less income, hold much less wealth, and are much more likely to be impoverished than older non-Hispanic whites. […]

Trends in Retirement Security by Race/Ethnicity

Retirement security has declined in the wake of the global financial crisis and ensuing recession. Despite an extended period of recovery, half of households ages 30-59 are at risk of inadequate retirement income compared to 44 percent in 2007. The questions addressed in this brief are how the percentage at risk varies by race/ethnicity in […]

In Later Years, Disabilities End Blacks’ Active Lives Sooner Than Whites’

Black Americans age 65 and older enjoy shorter active lives than whites do and more of their late years are swallowed up by disabilities and unmet needs, researchers have found. The disparity is widest for elderly black women, a group that has seen no gains since the early 1980s in either the number of remaining […]