Mental Health

Mental Health Coverage Continues to Fall Short, Study Shows

More Americans turn to out-of-network providers when seeking mental health care than when seeking medical care, and the trend continues to worsen, a new study shows, despite a law designed to prevent this problem for people seeking treatment for conditions such as depression and addiction. In an update of a landmark report about access to […]

An alternative to police: Mental health team responds to emergencies in Oregon

When a mental health-related 911 call comes in, a specialized team in Eugene, Oregon, rolls out. “Pretty much everybody we see is for one reason or another is in a state of crisis,” said Manning Walker. Walker is a medic and Laurel Lisovskis is a mental health crisis manager. The pair are members of a […]

Her story isn’t about euthanasia. It’s about failing mental-health systems

Before her death on June 2, Dutch teenager Noa Pothoven was most famous in her home country for her autobiography, “Winnen of Leren” (“Winning or Learning”), and its insightful critiques of the mental-health system. She’s better known now for the supposed method of her passing: The dubious Central European News claimed that Pothoven’s death was […]

What does the shooting of Leonard Shand tell us about the mental health of civilians and police?

On Sept. 26, 2019, Leonard Shand was shot and killed by 10 police officers from three distinct departments in Maryland: Hyattsville (6), Prince George’s County (3), and Mt. Rainer (1). For nearly 30 minutes prior, police officers attempted to use less lethal options to subdue Shand, a 49-year-old Black man who was talking loudly and […]

RESEARCH WEEKLY: Serious Mental Illness and Likelihood of Incarceration after Arrest

Individuals with serious mental illness may be treated differently by the criminal justice and legal systems, according to new research, which may contribute to the higher prevalence of this population in jails and prisons. A team of researchers from New York recently analyzed state data to determine the effect of serious mental illness on the […]