Mental Health

Lessons From Medicaid’s Divergent Paths On Mental Health And Addiction Services

Over the past fifty years Medicaid has taken divergent paths in financing mental health and addiction treatment. In mental health, Medicaid became the dominant source of funding and had a profound impact on the organization and delivery of services. But it played a much more modest role in addiction treatment. This is poised to change, […]

Perspective: I was a well-adjusted, mostly happy 20-year-old. And then I wasn’t.

I’ve never been superstitious, but it was an unlucky day. I woke up at 6 a.m. after a week filled with intense panic attacks. I was sleeping in my parents’ bedroom, something I hadn’t done since I was a child. I wanted to die. I was a star student at the University of Florida home […]

If you want mental health services to prevent violence, Medicaid expansion is critical

Oregon’s mass homicide sparked the usual debate about whether guns or mental health is the best focus in preventing atrocities. Given this stark frame, the centrality of gun policy is hard to deny. Compared with other wealthy democracies, America has surprisingly similar rates of car theft, aggravated assault, and other forms of nonlethal violence. Our […]

Health Insurers Face Little Enforcement Of Federal Mental Health Parity Law

The federal mental health parity law was supposed to protect patients from discrimination by insurance companies. But in the seven years since it was passed, the U.S. government has not taken a single public enforcement action against an insurer or employer for violating the law. And some patients still find it difficult to get the […]

Mass Murderers Fit Profile, as Do Many Others Who Don’t Kill

They have become one of the most notorious and alarming stripes of evil. People who, when you think back, seemed off. Didn’t dress right. Kept to themselves. Were nursing a bitterness that smoldered inside of them. And then they picked up guns and went out and killed as many as they could. In the aftermath, […]