The Aging Network

Aging Networks Can Improve Long-Term Care and Lower Costs

Older Americans often end up needing daily care and support over many months and years. Right now, many seniors are forced to enter nursing homes paid through Medicaid. But the cost of institutional care is very high – unaffordable over the long run for the federal government, the states, and families. What is more, many […]

We Risk Losing Out in Old Age If We Don’t Pay Attention to the Aging Network

Most American families and even health policy experts have never heard of the Aging Network (AN), a loosely organized, community-embedded aggregation of service organizations that provide elders with vital services such as housing repairs, food, and transportation. Yet this network is essential and fundamental to the health of our grandparents, parents, and, eventually, all of […]

The Aging Network and Managed Long-Term Care

Since the early 1980s, service providers and area agencies on aging, that is, the aging network, have developed a number of strengths as they built a community-based long-term-care system in most states. Many area agencies and providers now have the capacity to assess the needs of older persons, identify appropriate services, and administer cost-effective community […]