Long-Term Care

How Much Could Financing Reforms for Long-Term Services and Supports Reduce Medicaid Costs?

Medicaid pays for much of the care received at home and in nursing homes by older adults with health problems who need long-term services and supports (LTSS). New LTSS insurance programs with dedicated premiums or taxes would prefund at least some LTSS expenditures and reduce spending by Medicaid, which is financed through general tax revenues […]

A New Public-Private Partnership: Catastrophic Public and Front-End Private LTC Insurance

Current U.S. policy toward the financing of long-term services and supports (LTSS) underserves people who need care, overburdens families who care for them, and strains state budgets supporting Medicaid services when personal resources fall short. The fundamental LTSS financing problem is the absence of an effective insurance mechanism to protect people against the costs of […]

A Consensus Framework for Long-Term Care Financing Reform

The Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative is recommending a series of reforms aimed at expanding access to long-term services and supports (LTSS) for people of all incomes. We believe the current system of financing LTSS is inadequate, especially for those with high levels of need. It puts an enormous burden on family members and friends, often […]

Financing Long-Term Services And Supports: Options Reflect Trade-Offs For Older Americans And Federal Spending

About half of older Americans will need a high level of assistance with routine activities for a prolonged period of time. This help is commonly referred to as long-term services and supports (LTSS). Under current policies, these individuals will fund roughly half of their paid care out of pocket. Partly as a result of high […]

The Bipartisan Failure to Address Long-Term Home-Based Care for Disabled Americans

Republican and Democratic voters think health care is an important problem requiring action from government. While Republicans have made themselves the anti-Obamacare party, recent Democratic debates made more salient the tension between Democrats supporting some version of Medicare for All and those promoting alternatives typically involving both a private and public option. The problem with […]