Long Term Care in the U.S.: From Community to Corporate Control

Long term care for impaired younger and older adults has been a major part of the nation’s health care system for several decades, but until now it has not received much attention from the media or policymakers. With the projected doubling of the 70+ population over the next thirty years, however, it is being looked […]

What’s the Matter With Kansas Medicaid?

Spoiler alert in one word: Privatization. Here is a brief description of the privatized Kansas Medicaid program, “KanCare,” from the Kansas state legislature’s Legislative Division of Post Audit (DPA). Page 7 of the PDF: Launched in January 2013, KanCare is the program through which the State of Kansas administers Medicaid. KanCare offers health care for […]

Medicaid Proves to be a Winning Topic in this Year’s Pulitzer Prize Contest

ries about Medicaid earned top honors in this year’s Pulitzer Prize contest: editorial writer Andie Dominick from the Des Moines Register earned a top prize for her columns on the consequences of Iowa’s transition to Medicaid managed care, and health journalist Andy Marso won a finalist mention for his coverage of the lack of transparency in KanCare’s Medicaid disability program, […]

How Growing Inequality Is Altering The Long-Term Care Policy Battlefield, While Tightening The Financing Knot

For many years, long-term care (LTC) policy makers have tended to fall into two warring camps: those favoring expanded social insurance, and those wanting tighter Medicaid eligibility criteria to incentivize people to plan for and buy LTC insurance. Both sides have warned of looming financial catastrophe as the Baby Boomers move into retirement and more […]