Aging advocates sue Florida over Medicaid waitlists

Two advocacy groups are suing Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration, contending changes in the state’s Medicaid waitlists discriminate against the elderly and the poor. Justice in Aging and Southern Legal Counsel contend in a recently-filed class-action lawsuit that consolidating waitlists for certain Medicaid services effectively prevent low-income older adults and individuals with disabilities from obtaining care. “Defendants have the ability, […]

Robert Reich: Privatization Can’t Solve Our Country’s Ills

Privatization. Privatization. Privatization. It’s all you hear from Republicans. But what does it actually mean? Generations ago, America built an entire national highway system, along with the largest and best public colleges and universities in the world. Also public schools and national parks, majestic bridges, dams that generated electricity for entire regions, public libraries and public […]

Does contracting out increase the efficiency of government programs? Evidence from Medicaid HMOs.

State governments contract with health maintenance organizations (HMOs) to coordinate medical care for nearly 20 million Medicaid recipients. Identifying the causal effect of HMO enrollment on government spending and health care quality is difficult if, as is often the case, recipients have the option to enroll in a plan. To estimate the average effect of […]

Medicaid blues: Hospitals, insurers wage political battle over managed-care dollars

“That’s all I have to say about that—I have to go bury the dead,” undertaker Stephen Holland said after listing his grievances with his state’s Medicaid politics early one Friday morning in June. Holland is one of a handful of white Democrats left in Mississippi’s House of Representatives, and he helped shape the past 20 […]

Managed Care Administration of Public Long Term Care Programs: A Cost Effective Model?

Medicaid managed LTC programs have expanded across the states for the past decade and over 25 states now have some form of the model serving over 1.7 million beneficiaries. Most of whom live in FL, NY, TX, CA, OH, WI, MN, KS, IA, AZ, IL, NM, TN, NJ, MI and VA. Each of these states […]