Issues & Concerns with State’s Medicaid Managed Care LTC Waiver

Problems create confusion and interfere with consumer choice: As the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) notified Floridians of their required enrollment in the LTCW and selection of managed care organization (MCO) that would deliver their services, several problems have interfered with the consumer’s rights and abilities to make a truly informed choice as the […]

Financial and Administrative Alignment Demonstrations for Dual Eligible Beneficiaries Compared: States with Memoranda of Understanding Approved by CMS

Using authority in the Affordable Care Act, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has launcheddemonstrations that seek to improve care and control costs for people who are dually eligible for Medicare andMedicaid. Nearly 355,000 beneficiaries in nine states are enrolled in these demonstrations as of June, 2015. Implemented beginning in July 2013, the […]

Patients In Iowa Worry About Private Management Of Medicaid

Brenda Hummel’s 7-year-old daughter Andrea was born with severe epilepsy. Like many children with significant diseases or disabilities, she has health insurance through Medicaid. Hummel navigated Iowa’s Medicaid resources for years to find just the right doctors and care for her daughter. But now Iowa’s governor, Republican Terry Branstad, is moving full speed ahead with […]

Governor, lawmakers responsible for Florida’s health care mess

As Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature look to pin down responsibility for the state’s rising health care costs for the poor and uninsured, they should look in the mirror. It’s not the hospitals, which are their favorite target. It’s the Medicaid managed care system they created that is costing money rather than saving […]

Florida says privatizing Medicaid cut costs, but insurers say they’re underpaid by state

In less than a year, Florida’s switch to privately managed healthcare for more than 3 million poor, disabled and elderly residents has achieved one of its primary goals: cutting costs for Medicaid, the public health insurance program for low-income people that accounted for roughly one-fifth or about $9.5 billion of state spending last year. But […]