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Home Health Care: Shouldn’t It Be Work Worth Doing? 157

Do you know who is going to care for you when you are old and frail? By current standards, it’s likely to be a middle-aged immigrant woman, with maybe a high school education and little if any training, making $20,000 a year. And that’s if you are lucky. If you live in rural America, you […]

Organizing Efforts of Live-In Care Workers Are Pushing Unions to Broaden Focus

They appeared suddenly, had voices and faces: Polish women care workers tending elderly persons in Switzerland in what is a 24-hour job. At the 2014 May Day march in Basel, Switzerland, they took centre stage at the ‘expense’ of the established labour unions. Wearing self-made scarfs in the red and white colours of the Polish […]

Let Us Give Our Families the Care We Give Your Families

As the American population has aged over the past 10 years, the home-care workforce has doubled in size, with more people now receiving long-term assistance in their homes than in nursing institutions. Of the more than 2 million American home-care workers—including nursing assistants, home health aides, and personal-care aides—nearly a quarter are living under the […]

Care Work as the Work of the Future

Across the world there is much gloom and doom about the impact of technological changes on jobs, as automation and other innovations are seen to threaten not just blue-collar jobs but also many forms of office work. It is true that the way that most of our economies are organised at present, heavily reliant on market mechanisms with […]

Home Care Workers Can Finally Claim Victory

The Supreme Court ensured that millions of working people would get fairer treatment when it decided last week not to consider Home Care Association of America v. Weil. That case was the last attempt by home care employers (mostly for-profit agencies) to avoid paying home care workers (mainly women of color) the minimum wage and […]