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Why Aren’t More Women Working? They’re Caring for Parents

Aisha Adkins would rather have her own place, instead of living with her parents. She would also like a job, a car, a master’s degree and savings. But at 35, a decade after graduating from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro with a specialty in social services, she has had to put off those goals. Her […]

Trump’s new rule to punish immigrants just shows how bad American jobs are

In announcing a controversial new policy designed to prevent immigrants from becoming a burden to taxpayers, Trump administration officials said they were trying to uphold the very American principle of self-sufficiency. Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, went so far as to claim that the new rule clarifies the meaning of […]

Launch a public education campaign. Storytelling inspires solutions.

While policymakers are increasingly aware of the role direct care workers play in supporting families and driving the economy, the policy discourse rarely posits solutions for remedying the growing workforce shortage in this sector. In 2017, PHI launched a high-profile public education campaign to draw attention to these workers, while offering 60 concrete ideas to […]

How Care for Elders, Not Children, Denies Women a Paycheck

Why did women’s rush into the work force stop? Policymakers have been vexed by the question for years. Social scientists have discussed the sudden stop for over a decade, in conferences and academic papers. Almost 12 years ago, I gave the topic a shot in the pages of The Times: why, after a five-decade rise, did the labor-force participation of […]