LTC Workforce Issues

For families of ALS patients, providing home care can be an infinite challenge

Karen Mey lies motionless beneath a tan electric blanket pulled up to her chin. Next to her recliner, a machine the size of a toaster oven huffs rhythmically like a person in deep sleep, pumping air through a corrugated tube into a plastic valve in her neck. Even though her body is immobile, Mey’s eyes […]

Protect Nursing Home Nurse Aide Training Requirements; Protect Residents’ Right to High Quality Care

Certified nurse aides provide most of the direct hands-on care to the nation’s 1.3 million nursing home residents. Aides’ central role in caregiving means that the training that aides receive to become certified must be adequate and appropriate to ensure that they are capable of providing high quality of care and quality of life services […]

A National Examination Of Long-Term Care Setting, Outcomes, And Disparities Among Elderly Dual Eligibles

The benefits of expanding funding for Medicaid long-term care home and community-based services (HCBS) relative to institutional care are often taken as self-evident. However, little is known about the outcomes of these services, especially for racial and ethnic minority groups, whose members tend to use the services more than whites do, and for people with […]

Up From the Bedside: A Co-op for Home Care Workers

As hospital care has become prohibitively expensive, home health care has swelled into a $7 billion industry, generating a wave of corporate investment. Growth has been so rapid that the industry has even attracted interest from foreign companies. Yet the field also has spawned alternatives to the dominant corporate model, including cooperatives that aim to […]