Home & Community Based Services (In Home Care)

Effects of long‐term care setting on spousal health outcomes

Over the past three decades, there has been a large expansion in noninstitutional long‐term care (LTC) use, and public financing of long‐term care services has been shifting away from nursing homes toward home and community‐based services (HCBS). Medicaid, the primary payer for LTC for elderly people, spent 46% of its total LTC dollars on HCBS […]

The Bipartisan Failure to Address Long-Term Home-Based Care for Disabled Americans

Republican and Democratic voters think health care is an important problem requiring action from government. While Republicans have made themselves the anti-Obamacare party, recent Democratic debates made more salient the tension between Democrats supporting some version of Medicare for All and those promoting alternatives typically involving both a private and public option. The problem with […]

Will Maine Voters Decide To Make Aging In Place Affordable?

As Election Day draws near, a ballot initiative in Maine to provide universal home care is shining a spotlight on the inadequacies of the nation’s long-term care system. The essential problem: Although most older adults want to live at home when their health starts to decline or they become frail, programs that help them do so are […]

Florida can’t care for all of its frailest seniors

At 71, Gloria Litton can’t bathe herself, feed herself or get out of bed at her Delray Beach home without being carried. Her husband, John, 67, owned a land surveying company, but he had to stop working to care for Gloria since a 2006 breast cancer diagnosis and a string of accidents and illnesses from […]

Medicaid Cuts Are Real Threat to Home- and Community-Based Services

Republican plans to severely cut federal Medicaid funds by converting the program to a block grant or a per capita cap represents a severe threat to funding for home- and community-based services (HCBS), despite recent claims to the contrary. House Republicans claim that the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Medicaid expansion for low-income adults is squeezing […]