Assisted Living

Medicaid Assisted Living Services, Improved Federal Oversight of Beneficiary Health and Welfare Is Needed

What GAO Found State Medicaid agencies in 48 states that covered assisted living services reported spending more than $10 billion (federal and state) on assisted living services in 2014. These 48 states reported covering these services for more than 330,000 beneficiaries through more than 130 different programs. Most programs were operated under Medicaid waivers that […]

Assisted Living, SNF Prices Reach Record Highs

The last year was marked by sky-high prices and low cap rates as reported by senior housing real estate investment trusts (REITs) in quarterly earnings calls, and now the numbers prove that perhaps they’ve been holding off on deals with reason. The average price for skilled nursing facilities soared to a new record of $85,900 per […]

Assisted Living Providers: Some Sinking Under Florida’s SMMC LTC Program

A $1 bill can only be stretched so far, 100 pennies still have only a $1 value, 1+1 simply does not = 3, 4 or 5. Perhaps somewhere, planning early on in this rather large and complicated undertaking, there was a simple miscalculation. When considering the ginormous task of developing and implementing such a program, […]

The rise of assisted living facilities

A combination of renovation and new construction proposals could more than double the number of beds available in assisted living facilities in Tallahassee. Ten new projects, eight in the city and two in the county, are under various stages of construction or review. Three weeks ago, the city received a proposal for the massive Red Hills […]

Assisted-living facility in Duluth Heights draws state’s notice for quality care

When Jeanine Ryan took a job at McCarthy Manor, an independent assisted-living facility in Duluth Heights, she imagined a very short stay. Ryan, who had studied journalism and psychology at the University of Minnesota Duluth, had been taking classes at a Bible school in Seattle. She came back in 1991, needing a job to tide […]