Health Care

Medicaid Chief Says Feds Are Willing To Approve Work Requirements

The Trump administration signaled Tuesday that it would allow states to impose work requirements on some adult Medicaid enrollees, a long-sought goal for conservatives that is strongly opposed by Democrats and advocates for the poor. “Let me be clear to everyone in this room: We will approve proposals that promote” employment or volunteer work, Seema […]

Maine Voters Chose Medicaid Expansion. Why Is Their Governor Resisting?

Even on frigid, wintry nights, Wall delivers newspapers, earning $150 a week when her kids are asleep. “I go out about 2 in the morning. And it usually takes me four to five hours,” she said. “I try really hard not to fall, but I have had a few accidents. One of them was on […]

No Car, No Care? Medicaid Transportation At Risk In Some States

Her parents can’t drive her. They both have disabling vision problems; and, besides, they can’t afford a car. When Maddie was born in 2012 with the rare and usually fatal genetic condition called Zellweger syndrome, Meagan and Brandon Holt, then in their early 20s, were plunged into a world of overwhelming need — and profound poverty. […]

Work-For-Medicaid Lifts Off In Indiana, But Even Fans Fret About Red Tape

(VIDEO) Indiana is one of the states poised to enact work requirements for some citizens with Medicaid coverage — a controversial policy and long-sought goal for Republicans. But advocates for the poor have protested loudly in recent months, saying many will lose coverage or be ensnared by bureaucratic mistakes. KHN’s Sarah Varney reports in collaboration […]

States Strive To Curb Costs For A Crucial — But Exorbitant — Hemophilia Treatment

The child is well-known in the halls where state bureaucrats oversee health care for millions of Californians — not by name, but by a number: $21 million. His medications alone cost state taxpayers that much in a single year, not including other health care. The boy, whose identity has not been released, was California’s most […]