Four Ways Obamacare Has Affected Health Insurance

The employer health insurance market still looks strong. Enrollment numbers from the federal government have told us that millions of Americans signed up for private health insurance in the new Obamacare marketplaces. But some skeptics had worried that those sign-ups weren’t uninsured people, but instead previously insured people whose employers had stopped offering coverage once […]

Emergency Rooms Are No Place for the Elderly

The elderly man lived alone in an apartment complex not far from the hospital. A younger neighbor, who’d watched him hobble down the building’s stairwell for nearly a week, insisted on taking him to the emergency room. Doctors there immediately diagnosed an infection in his painful toe and prescribed antibiotics for him to take at […]

ObamaCare’s Narrow Networks, and Who To Blame When “There Is No Alternative”

Most coverage of ObamaCare lately has focused solely on increased enrollment numbers; as we know, this is a deceptive metric, and is probably due, at least in part, to an economy no longer in the depths of depresssion. However, the mere fact of enrollment tells us nothing — any more than a ticket to a […]

Bigger May Be Better for Health Insurers, but Doubts Remain for Consumers

Deals among the nation’s largest health insurers in recent weeks have been almost head-spinning. But whatever the details, if the combinations are finalized, the result will be an industry dominated by three colossal insurers. Consumer advocates, policy experts and former regulators say that what may be good for the insurers may not be good for […]