Advocates for Maine’s poor say Florida’s new health care chief slashed needed help

Advocates for the needy say Governor-elect Ron DeSantis’s pick to lead the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration is a hardline conservative who fought expanding Medicaid for people who are too poor to afford a doctor and slashed food assistance and other safety-net programs while serving in Maine. Mary Mayhew is coming to Florida from […]

State Policies And Enrollees’ Experiences In Medicaid: Evidence From A New National Survey

Medicaid provides health insurance to more than seventy million Americans, yet there has been little systematic analysis of what factors influence enrollees’ satisfaction with and access to care. Using a nationally representative survey of more than 270,000 Medicaid enrollees in 2014–15, we examined the consumer perspective on care in Medicaid. Average satisfaction ratings were 7.9 […]

Does contracting out increase the efficiency of government programs? Evidence from Medicaid HMOs.

State governments contract with health maintenance organizations (HMOs) to coordinate medical care for nearly 20 million Medicaid recipients. Identifying the causal effect of HMO enrollment on government spending and health care quality is difficult if, as is often the case, recipients have the option to enroll in a plan. To estimate the average effect of […]

CMS Gives States Until 2022 To Meet Medicaid Standards Of Care

The Trump administration has given states three extra years to carry out plans for helping elderly and disabled people receive Medicaid services without being forced to go into nursing homes. Federal standards requiring states find ways of delivering care to Medicaid enrollees in home and community-based settings will take effect in 2022 instead of 2019, the Centers […]

The GOP is quietly crafting work requirement waivers — for white people

In January, the Trump administration released new guidelines that would allow states to begin imposing work requirements on Medicaid recipients. It was a kindness, really: According to Seema Verma, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, meaningful work is essential to “economic self-sufficiency, self-esteem, wellbeing and . . . health.” Well, for some of us. […]