State Policies And Enrollees’ Experiences In Medicaid: Evidence From A New National Survey

Medicaid provides health insurance to more than seventy million Americans, yet there has been little systematic analysis of what factors influence enrollees’ satisfaction with and access to care. Using a nationally representative survey of more than 270,000 Medicaid enrollees in 2014–15, we examined the consumer perspective on care in Medicaid. Average satisfaction ratings were 7.9 […]

Trump’s Destruction of Medicaid: Sabotage of a Five-Decade Social Contract

Medicaid was enacted in 1965 under the Lyndon Johnson administration as a social insurance program to provide lower-income Americans with the health care they need. Since then it has been solidly supported by all subsequent administrations as a social contract within our society, as a matter of fairness and necessity. As poverty and inequality have […]

Long-Term Services and Supports for Older Americans: Risks and Financing Research Brief

Long-term care services and supports (LTSS) includes a range of services and supports individuals may need to meet their health or personal needs over a long period of time.1 Most LTSS is not medical care, but rather assistance with the basic personal tasks of everyday life, sometimes called “Activities of Daily Living” (or ADLs) which […]

The Value of Medicaid

Medicaid is the largest means-tested program in the U.S., with expenditures of over $425 billion in 2011. The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment, a recent expansion of the Medicaid program in that state that occurred by random assignment, has provided some of the most compelling evidence to date on the program’s effects. A series of previous […]

The Value of Medicaid to Older Households

Medicaid is an importance source of funding for long-term care for the elderly. While Medicaid is the payer of last resort, contributing only after Medicare and private insurance pay their share and individuals spend their assets down to a relatively low “disregard” amount, the very high cost of nursing home care – on the order […]