Health Care Policy and Reform

Why Medicare Advantage Costs Taxpayers Billions More Than It Should

In Rochester, New York, a Medicare plan was paid $41 million to treat people with serious diseases — even though the plan couldn’t prove the patients in fact had those diseases. These health plans and hundreds of others are part of Medicare Advantage, a program created by Congress in 2003 to help stabilize health care […]

We read Democrats’ 8 plans for universal health care. Here’s how they work.

Sure, Democrats are lining up behind Medicare-for-all. But what exactly does that mean? This year, dozens of Democratic candidates ran — and won — on a promise to fight to give all Americans access to government-run health care. A new Medicare-for-all Caucus in the House already has 77 members. All the likely 2020 Democratic nominees support the […]

Medicare for All Is Even Better Than You Thought

Medicare for All advocates just received an early holiday present: a new study from the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst finds that single-payer health care will save the US $5.1 trillion over a decade while drastically cutting working-class Americans’ health spending. It’s the most robust, comprehensive study yet produced on Medicare for All, […]

What The U.S. Could Do If So Much Money Wasn’t Wasted On Health Care

The United States spends 7.2 percent points more of our gross domestic product (GDP) on health care than several industrialized countries. That is $1.3 trillion the country effectively wastes on health care without getting better health outcomes. This is such a large amount of money it is almost impossible to wrap one’s head around. But […]

Deficit Hawkery On Health Care Is Bad Politics And Bad Policy

It is reassuring that on some levels the Democratic party establishment is shifting significantly leftward on health care policy, but there is one aspect where nearly the entire left is inexplicably small “c” conservative: almost everyone from the center to the left is focused on making sweeping health care reform budget neutral according to the Congressional […]