Health Care Policy and Reform

Considering “Single Payer” Proposals in the U.S.: Lessons from Abroad

When discussing universal health insurance coverage in the United States, policymakers often draw a contrast between the U.S. and high-income nations that have achieved universal coverage. Some will refer to these countries having “single payer” systems, often implying they are all alike. Yet such a label can be misleading, as considerable differences exist among universal […]

The latest on health care executive pay

The CEOs of 23 prominent health care companies earned more than $632 million in 2018, based on the actual value of cashed-out stock, according Axios’ most recent tally of federal securities documents. The bottom line: Executives of publicly traded companies get paid mostly in stock, so their incentives are to raise the stock price as much as […]

A Doctor Explains Why Medicare-for-All Is a No-Brainer

Noting that every other highly developed nation has universal healthcare, Gaffney pointed out to the panel that “overall, the healthcare systems of these countries are quite high quality. Overall, they have higher life expectancies than we do; they have lower infant mortality… Overall, these nations achieve better results with less money.” Asked why a free market system […]

Healthcare spending will hit 19.4% of GDP in the next decade, CMS projects

Healthcare spending growth will rise at an annual average of 5.5% over the next decade, slightly faster than in the past few years, due to the aging of the baby boomers and healthcare price growth, the CMS Office of the Actuary projects. Because that growth will exceed gross domestic product growth, the CMS predicts healthcare’s […]

Trump and His Golfing Buddies Continue Neoliberalism’s Assault on the Veteran’s Administration

With the release of new proposed eligibility rules under the VA Mission Act, we see that privatization at the Veterans Administration (VA) continues to unfold, as outlined in the neoliberal playbook, to which we have alluded before: The stories intertwine because they look like they’re part of the neoliberal privatization playbook, here described in a post about […]