Health Care Policy and Reform

Kaiser to launch social care network

Kaiser Permanente will soon launch a new care network that connects the system’s more than 12 million members to community services that address their social needs. The Thrive Local initiative will be integrated into Kaiser’s electronic health record, and will be rolled out regionally this summer, though the first location hasn’t been announced yet. Over […]

The Growing Cost Burden of Employer Health Insurance for U.S. Families and Implications for Their Health and Economic Security

Employer health insurance continues to be the primary source of insurance coverage for the majority of the U.S. population. More than half of U.S. residents under age 65 — about 158 million people — get their health insurance through an employer, either their own or a family member’s. Two recent studies by the Commonwealth Fund […]

How the ‘Medicare for All’ Messaging Battle Can Be Won, or Lost

As some leading Democrats push a bolder vision for delivering on the party’s decades-long aspiration of universal health care, intraparty dissonance threatens to derail that effort before it has even begun, with establishment Democrats and progressives sparring over how to satiate the appetite for dramatic overhaul without alienating Americans fearful of disruption. Support for “Medicare […]

Hospitals Stand to Lose Billions Under ‘Medicare for All’

For a patient’s knee replacement, Medicare will pay a hospital $17,000. The same hospital can get more than twice as much, or about $37,000, for the same surgery on a patient with private insurance. Or take another example: One hospital would get about $4,200 from Medicare for removing someone’s gallbladder. The same hospital would get […]

Will Fewer Children Boost Demand for Formal Caregiving?

Today, 25 percent of all caregivers of elderly are adult children.  However, while the parents of the Baby Boom generation had three children per household on average, the Boomers themselves only have two.  This project uses the Health and Retirement Study to assess how the number of children a person has affects the demand for formal long-term […]