Covid-19 Public Policy

The corona crisis will define our era

Mike Pence bowed his head in prayer. Around him in the White House, some of the world’s most prominent scientists were gathered. It was February 26th when the US vice-president and the scientists united in prayer, for—or, rather, against—the coronavirus epidemic. As governor of Indiana, Pence had made a name for himself driving drastic cuts […]

‘He’s an inmate’: Anguish mounts over virus-hit nursing home

Desperate to talk to their dad, Scott Sedlacek and his brother, Steve, stood outside his open nursing home window and shouted. They could barely hear his weak replies, but one came through clearly. “I feel like (expletive),” the 86-year-old told them. Chuck Sedlacek arrived at the Life Care Center of Kirkland three weeks ago for […]

The Coronavirus and the Extraordinary Decisions Facing Italian Doctors

Two weeks ago, Italy had 322 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. At that point, doctors in the country’s hospitals could lavish significant attention on each stricken patient. One week ago, Italy had 2,502 cases of the virus, which causes the disease known as COVID-19. At that point, doctors in the country’s hospitals could still perform […]

Donald Trump Is Using the Coronavirus Crisis to Attack Social Security

Donald Trump’s proposal to cut the payroll contribution rate is a stealth attack on Social Security. Even if the proposal were to replace Social Security’s dedicated revenue with deficit-funded general revenue, the proposal would undermine this vital program. The proposal is a Trojan horse. It appears to be a gift, in the form of middle-class […]