Covid-19 Public Policy

7 Answers to Questions About the Malaria Drug Trump Keeps Pushing

There is no proof that any drug can cure or prevent infection with the coronavirus. But in the face of an exploding pandemic with a frightening death toll, people are desperate for a bit of hope, a chance to believe there is something that will help. The drug that has received the most attention is […]

A second, hidden pandemic will follow covid-19. We need to plan for it.

Our office, like those of most primary care doctors, is usually packed. I run around, trying to fit 30 minutes of conversation into 20-minute appointments so I can see 12 patients in four hours while juggling paperwork and phone calls. But last week was different. As waves of covid-19 patients flooded hospitals one mile south, […]

Eight Needed Steps in the Fight Against COVID-19

Without modern medicine, COVID-19 would be a ghastlier plague. Some enter the hospital with pneumonia from the novel coronavirus and do well with extra oxygen alone, administered using a cannula placed in the nostrils or a plastic mask held over the face with an elastic band. After some days, the virus mercifully relents. Unfortunately, for […]

Experts: COVID-19 pandemic unlikely to ebb as weather warms

Although some pundits have suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic will dissipate with coming warm temperatures and high humidity in the Northern Hemisphere, the virus is unlikely to be seasonal in nature, according to a paper published yesterday by the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. In the paper, the National Academies’ Standing Committee on […]

What’s Missing In The Coronavirus Response

In the age of coronavirus, Americans are being told to stay home and wear masks outside. The federal government has made way for hospitals to treat patients in repurposed hotels and dormitories. Private companies are working to push out new diagnostic tests. But the national effort has been disorganized, relying heavily on state action, said […]