Projections of white and black older adults without living kin in the United States, 2015 to 2060

These trends make the displacement of local aging networks by corporate health firms in the Medicaid LTC program even more alarming . We need many more community based resources not fewer. Baozhen Luo and I address this directly in our Neoliberal LTC paper in The Gerontologist, but we didn’t have this information to include in our […]

Integrating Health Care And Housing To Promote Healthy Aging

One of the most important public health findings over the last several decades has been that there are a number of factors, beyond medical care, which influence health status and contribute to premature mortality. Of these factors, social circumstances and the physical environment (particularly the home) especially impact an individual’s health. Housing takes on even […]

Aging in America: A Profile of Older Adults

The aging population is a heterogeneous group and varies by many social factors. This article illustrates the differences by providing a detailed look at the diverse characteristics of older Americans. Knowing the key trends that will shape the following decades is a first step to helping older adults create optimal futures.  Read our full paper here by Lisa Rill, […]

Combating Ageism: How Successful is Successful Aging?

The concept of successful aging based on high level of physical cognitive functioning has become dominant in Gerontology since the 1990’s. This article indicates the concept may contribute to negative perception of aging (Ageism) and make older people feel as if they are personally responsible for failing to achieve the restrictive criteria for aging successfully.  Purpose: To […]

Paid Caregiving in the 21st Century

The quality of availability and long term care services depend most fundamentally on paid caregivers who deserve far more recognition and support than they now receive. Al-Jen Poo is a MacArthur Genesis award winner, which she received for work in organizing home health workers and related efforts to improve the lives of these and other low-wage […]