Blogging Our Grand Divide Our Racial Wealth Gap Is No Accident

Party platforms are dense and often morosely boring documents filled with wonkish policy proposals and partisan jeers at the other side.

At over 40 pages, this year’s Democratic Party platform lives up to its predecessors in length and ennui. However, it also includes a section not yet seen in platforms from either side: an acknowledgement of the racial wealth gap.

Wealth has been unfairly distributed since our nation’s founding, and that unfairness has always had a racial bent. It goes something like this: White families have more; black and Latino families have less. (Asian and Arab Americans have more complex economic histories.)

The gap is far larger than you might expect.

A 2014 study from Pew Research revealed that median white families have 13 timesmore wealth than median black families, and 10 times more than median Latino families. That gap has remained relatively consistent for decades.

– Inequality

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