Bitter Pill: Hard lives of disfigured kids made harder still

There really was no way of knowing what to expect when the baby Kim Cattey hoped to adopt greeted the world. His birth mother hadn’t had even a passing acquaintance with prenatal care. Her four other children had been similarly neglected.

But when the newborn emerged from the birth canal on Mother’s Day 2001 — breach, as it turned out — it was worse, far worse, than anyone had imagined: Half of the little boy’s face was missing, with his mouth a gaping maw up to his eye socket. He had only one nostril. In silhouette, his face looked like a pancake.

“When I saw him, I lost every ounce of blood in my body,” Cattey said. She slid down a hallway railing and crumpled onto a waxed floor. Nurses steadied her flaccid body to a chair. “I said ‘put that back. It’s broken. It’s not done.’”

– Miami Herald