Bernie Sanders’s health-care plan is the biggest attack on the rich of this campaign

Last fall, the Wall Street Journal estimated Bernie Sanders’ single-payer health care plan would cost the government a whopping $15 trillion over a decade. Sanders’ campaign objected – loudly – over that price tag. On Sunday evening, just before the Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina, Sanders finally released details of his plan, including a headline price tag. It was $14 trillion.

Sanders’ chief Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, has long claimed his plan would have to raise taxes on the middle class. We now know it would. We also know that, by Sanders’ accounting, the plan would actually put more money into the pockets of all but the very richest Americans.

That’s because the planned tax increases would be more than offset by a decline in how much most Americans pay for their health care — their premiums, their deductibles, their co-pays, all of it — per Sanders’ math.

There are still lots of questions about how the middle class would fare under his new plan. But it’s clear they would definitely do better than the rich.

– The Washington Post

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