Claude Pepper Annual Report 2023

The Claude Pepper Center (CPC) is devoted to continuing the legacy of Senator Claude Pepper. Senator Pepper consistently pursues initiatives that seek to improve health, provide economic opportunity, and contribute to the social justice of all Americans, with a special emphasis on improving life for older people. To expand the reach and recognition of the […]

FSU researchers use AI to prompt older adults’ participation in research

In a new study, Florida State University researchers explore the challenges of recruiting and retaining older adults to participate in research. The study also marks the first step of a broad, interdisciplinary FSU effort to increasingly use artificial intelligence in research. In the study, published in The Gerontologist, Associate Professor of Sociology Dawn Carr identified core “motivation clusters” […]

Dr. Dawn Carr featured on Caregiver SOS podcast – The Ingredients to Healthy Aging

Dr. Dawn Carr, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Claude Pepper Center in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, talks with Caregiver SOS on Air co-hosts Carol Zernial, M.A., nationally known gerontologist, and award winning veteran broadcaster and attorney, Ron Aaron, on the ingredients to healthy aging. Listen here

Remembering Senator Pepper’s legacy in the Tallahassee Democrat

President of Claude Pepper Foundation, Thomas J. Spulak authored an op-ed remembering Senator Pepper’s legacy: “Senator Claude Pepper dedicated his life to helping those in need. Several of the partisan, progressive battles he fought during his career have made it easier for this country to come to a consensus on many prominent issues.” Read More

Dr. Dawn Carr featured on Stats + Stories: The Third Thirty Years of Life

Retirement is a threshold – crossing a finish line of sorts. Dr. Dawn Carr, Director of the Claude Pepper Center and an associate professor at Florida State University in the Department of Sociology discusses the third age of life with Dr. John Bailer, Dr. John Bailer, emeritus professor of statistics at Miami University and Dr. […]