Assisted Living Providers: Some Sinking Under Florida’s SMMC LTC Program

A $1 bill can only be stretched so far, 100 pennies still have only a $1 value, 1+1 simply does not = 3, 4 or 5. Perhaps somewhere, planning early on in this rather large and complicated undertaking, there was a simple miscalculation.
When considering the ginormous task of developing and implementing such a program, it seems obvious to expect that adjustments would be needed along the way and there have been several. Striving for clearly defined roles and responsibilities with a process for execution and deadlines, the wheel, AHCA has instructed and re-instructed its many cogs, DOEA, ADRC’s, CARES, DCF, Choice Counseling and Contracted LTC Plan Providers on a few occasions.
How much grease does it take to keep all these wheels turning? Apparently, more than there is……and the wheel squeaking to nearly a standstill is that of the participating ALF, assisted living providers.
– Florida Assisted Living Association