Are we facing an Alzheimer’s armageddon?

The Claim: The percent of people developing dementia each year is falling significantly, reports a study out Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine, raising hope that some cases can be prevented and, possibly, that the worst forecasts of a “looming dementia crisis” in the United States are overblown.

The Backstory: Wait, what?

For 30 years experts have warned that Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are going to trigger medical Armageddon in the United States. As baby boomers reach their 70s and 80s, when the likelihood of developing dementia soars, the ever-growing number of patients is expected to overwhelm the health care system, causing “overworked caregivers, overloaded nursing homes, an overwhelmed health care system, overtaxed state and federal budgets,” former Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher wrote in 2014.


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