Amid GOP Attacks on Health Care, the Movement for Single Payer Is Growing

Donna Smith has braved cancer, battled predatory insurance companies and fought relentlessly for health care reform for more than a decade. But she’s not sure she’ll survive the aftermath of Election Day.

“Every single morning since November 8, I sit and wonder if this will be the day that I have enough guts finally to end my life,” she says.

Smith, a 62-year-old cancer survivor and campaigner for universal health care, is one of millions stuck between the death throes of the Obama administration’s half-baked health care reform plan and the Trump regime’s agenda of ending health insurance for millions. But beyond fighting political havoc in the Republican-led Congress, Smith is mostly racing against time now: If the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is repealed, as Trump and the Republican Congress have promised — possibly in the next few weeks — Smith will be forced to lean on her extended family’s savings to pay for her care. Though she’s satisfied with her Obamacare plan, the costs are already a burden, as is the oxygen tank that keeps her body going.

– Truth Out

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