Americans would take these 4 steps to fix Social Security

 In the third presidential debate, moderator and Fox News anchor Chris Wallace asked the candidates whether they might pursue a “grand bargain” on Social Security — one that would include both revenue increases and benefit cuts. The Social Security Administration says that, with baby boomers retiring, the program is headed for a shortfall. Unless changes are made, by the year 2033, benefits would need to be cut by about a quarter.

Donald Trump suggested that his proposed tax cuts would produce so much growth that there would be plenty of funding.Then he quickly changed the subject. Hillary Clinton signaled a willingness to raise the cap on income subject to the payroll tax that funds Social Security, thereby bringing in more funds, but pledged not to cut benefits and also quickly pivoted.

Neither appeared comfortable dealing with the problem. Presumably,  they share the widespread assumption that for the American people, Social Security is a “third rail” — not subject to rational discourse.

– The Washington Post

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