9 Damning Charts That Explain The Senate GOP Health Care Bill’s Impact

The Senate returns today from a week-long recess—during which GOP lawmakers largely avoided their constituents—and will pick up where they left off in hammering out an agreement on their bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Deep ideological, policy and political divides still remain among the Republican majority, exacerbated by a growing body of evidence that the bill would cause tens of millions of people to lose their health insurance over the next decade, raise out-of-pocket costs for millions more, and restrict access to crucial services.

Here are 9 charts that lay out the severe impacts of the Senate’s health care bill’s provisions.

1. The short-term cuts to Medicaid are painful.

Most of the savings in the Senate health care bill come from deep cuts to Medicaid, to the tune of more than $770 billion over 10 years, a reduction of more than a quarter of the program’s budget. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that these cuts will cause 15 million fewer people to be enrolled in Medicaid than if Congress left Obamacare in place.

– Talking Points Memo

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