• FSU researchers receive NIH grant to study effects of resiliency

    Dawn Carr, an associate professor of sociology and the director of FSU’s Claude Pepper Center, and Miles Taylor, a professor of sociology and director of FSU’s Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy, will be co-principal investigators on the study “Psychological Resilience as a Health Resource in the Context of Stressful Life Events in Later Life.” They will lead a team including Florida State students and outside consultants.

  • Older Workers and Retirement

    The CPC provides policy-informed research related to the economic, quality of life, psychological, and cognitive implications of longer working lives. In addition, with a growing proportion of older adults engaging in some amount of paid work after leaving their primary career jobs, the CPC seeks to provide research and leadership about the changing nature of retirement.

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The Claude Pepper Center is dedicated to keeping Sen. Pepper’s vision of America and sense of moral purpose central to the nation’s public life. The Claude Pepper Center intends to achieve this mission through research, policy analysis, public information, educational and advocacy initiatives. 

All of our activities are dedicated to sustaining the Senator’s view that “the national attitude toward old people has made a 180-degree turn. More and more, younger generations have come to realize that in their elders they have a precious and useful asset, not a burden. Old people are the same persons they were when they were young. Some may not hear so well, may have to wear glasses, maybe are a step slower when they walk. But they are not useless, and they must not be treated as outcasts, as more and more Americans have come to realize.”

For more information about Senator Claude Pepper, you may visit the Claude Pepper Foundation’s website.


The Claude Pepper Center aims to identify policy solutions that enhance the financial, psychological, cognitive, physical, and social wellbeing of older adults and their families in the state of Florida and beyond, and help people reach later life with the resources they need to be active and engaged members of their communities.

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Director’s Message

At the Claude Pepper Center, we honor Claude Pepper’s legacy and commitment to the rights and welfare of older people living in Florida and beyond. Our initiatives at the CPC focus on solutions for older people so they may remain independent, engaged members of their communities as long as possible.

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In the News

Claude Pepper Foundation President Tom Spulak authored an op-ed remembering Senator Pepper’s legacy: “Senator Claude Pepper dedicated his life to helping those in need. Several of the partisan, progressive battles he fought during his career have made it easier for this country to come to a consensus on many prominent issues.”

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