The Great Recession Is Still With Us

A decade after it started, the Great Recession has faded into memory. Corporate earnings and the stock market have fully recovered, with the financial sector thriving. The labor market has fully recovered, with middle-class earnings growing and the economy flirting with full employment. The government, at the state, local, and federal levels, has recovered too, and the economy is growing close to what economists […]

The Big Five Health Insurers’ Membership and Revenue Trends: Implications for Public Policy

Synopsis The five largest U.S. commercial health insurers collectively cover more than two-fifths of the insured population. Over the past decade, these companies’ bottom lines have become increasingly linked to Medicare and Medicaid, with the two programs accounting for 59 percent of revenues in 2016. Access to coverage could be improved if insurers that participate […]

Editorial: Tax-cut bills are milestones in the history of American plutocracy

The Senate Republicans’ disastrous tax-cut bill was moving inexorably toward passage late last week when two key GOP senators suddenly realized that the $1.5 trillion package wouldn’t pay for itself. Well, of course it wouldn’t pay for itself. Since details began to emerge last summer, every independent analysis said it wouldn’t. Nearly every economist from […]