Medicaid Proves to be a Winning Topic in this Year’s Pulitzer Prize Contest

ries about Medicaid earned top honors in this year’s Pulitzer Prize contest: editorial writer Andie Dominick from the Des Moines Register earned a top prize for her columns on the consequences of Iowa’s transition to Medicaid managed care, and health journalist Andy Marso won a finalist mention for his coverage of the lack of transparency in KanCare’s Medicaid disability program, […]

Long-Term Care Providers ‘Clobbered’ by Managed Medicare

While the skilled nursing industry worried about the rise of accountable care organizations (ACOs), managed Medicare plans slowly established a firm foothold that isn’t going anywhere soon. “The growth of ACOs and bundled payments has kind of leveled off,” Jill Kreuger, president and CEO of pharmacy and rehab solutions provider Symbria said at LeadingAge Illinois’s […]

The Case for Single-Price Health Care

bamacare has taken a licking but keeps on ticking. The prospect of repeal died on the Senate floor. Republican efforts to roll it back continue, but the bulk of the program is still in place and unlikely to go anywhere. Virginia appears, as of this writing, on the way to expanding Medicaid, and other states […]

A Time for Big Economic Ideas

The headlines may talk about growth, but we are living in a dark economic era. For most families, income and wealth have stagnated in recent decades, barely keeping pace with inflation. Nearly all the bounty of the economy’s growth has flowed to the affluent. And if you somehow doubt the economic data, it’s worth looking […]