Valuing Social Security Benefits As An Asset On The Household Balance Sheet

As a guaranteed income stream that cannot otherwise be liquidated or reinvested, most retirees don’t think of their Social Security benefits as an asset. Nonetheless, its value actually can be calculated, given known payments and reasonable assumptions regarding interest/growth rates and life expectancy. – Kitches Read the full article here.

Losing a job is always terrible. For workers over 50, it’s worse

The unemployment rate among workers over 55 is 4.1 percent, compared with 5.7 percent for the population overall, and labor force participation among older workers has been rising since the early 1990s. That’s arguably a better position to be in than that of a young person whose earnings potential has been forever damaged by starting […]

Florida Conference on Aging 2015

Happening from August 10th-12th, 2015. Find all the Details Here • Over 70% of attendees work for agencies that provide direct services to older adults. • Administrators account for 49% of attendees. • The Exhibition Hall was visited by 97% of all attendees in 2014. • The 2014 Conference evaluations reflect that 95% of attendees […]

Music and Memory Trailer

We are excited to show you a project that has been in the making for some time. Enjoy the trailer and be sure to check back for the final video once the research results are in! Here is the Music and Memory trailer :   Important Links: If You Had Dementia, What Songs Would Be […]