We Risk Losing Out in Old Age If We Don’t Pay Attention to the Aging Network

Most American families and even health policy experts have never heard of the Aging Network (AN), a loosely organized, community-embedded aggregation of service organizations that provide elders with vital services such as housing repairs, food, and transportation. Yet this network is essential and fundamental to the health of our grandparents, parents, and, eventually, all of […]

Nudges Aren’t Enough for Problems Like Retirement Savings

Why don’t Americans save more for old age? Even when their employers promise to match their savings, workers often fail to salt away their earnings for the future, inexplicably leaving money on the table. Psychology has offered an answer: procrastination. And it has suggested a cure: rather than giving workers the choice to sign up […]

Nursing Home Evictions Strand The Disabled In Costly Hospitals

What if you had to go to the hospital, and when it came time to return home, your landlord said you couldn’t move back in? Across the country, thousands of nursing home residents face that situation every year. In most cases, it’s a violation of federal regulations. But those rules are rarely enforced by the […]

Review: In ‘Evicted,’ Home Is an Elusive Goal for America’s Poor

One of the most heartbreaking moments in Matthew Desmond’s “Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City”— and there’s a shameful assortment to choose from — is when 13-year-old Ruby Hinkston takes refuge in the public library. She’s come to use the computer. It turns out that she’s been slowly building her dream house with […]