The U.S. Health Care Crisis Five Years After Passage of the Affordable Care Act A Data Snapshot

Despite passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, the U.S. health care crisis continues. While coverage has been expanded, the reform will leave 27 million people uninsured in 2024, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Much of the new coverage is of low actuarial value with high cost-sharing requirements, creating barriers to access. Choice […]

After the Asylum: How America’s Trying to Fix Its Broken Mental Health System

Patients with mental illness are being detained in emergency rooms, often for weeks at a time. Now some states are rethinking the entire psychiatric care system.A  couple of years ago, in Pierce County, Wash., 10 mental patients spent extended periods in hospital emergency rooms after suffering psychotic episodes. This was against the rules: Washington state […]

How High-Need Patients Experience the Health Care System in Nine Countries

A large portion of U.S. health care spending goes to the care of high-need patients. These individuals—people with clinically complex conditions, cognitive or physical limitations, or behavioral health problems—use a disproportionate amount of health care services and therefore represent an outsized percentage of costs. Five percent of the U.S. adult population accounts for 50 percent […]