The Alzheimer’s Disease Waiver Program

The Alzheimer’s disease waiver program was established in 2005 to test the effectiveness of interventions to delay or avoid institutional placement for elders with Alzheimer’s disease. The program offers 11 services designed to allow participants to remain in the community and to support their caregivers. The Alzheimer’s disease waiver program does not delay nursing home entry more effectively than the state’s other Medicaid waiver […]

Banks Got Bailed Out, Homeowners Got Sold Out — and the Feds Made a Killing

You wouldn’t think that anyone could look at the calamity of the foreclosure crisis, where fraudulent mortgage origination, fraudulent securitizations, fraudulent loan servicing and fraudulent evictions combined to dispossess 6 million Americans from their homes, and see it as a money-making opportunity. Well, nobody except for perhaps Donald Trump. But a news investigation into the […]

Elizabeth Warren Ratchets Up Pressure To Give Seniors A Raise

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is demanding a vote on a bill that would provide a one-time cash payment to Social Security beneficiaries and veterans who did not get a cost-of-living adjustment this year. At least a dozen activists and heads of major advocacy groups joined Warren and several Democratic colleagues for a press conference outside the […]

The American Middle Class Is Losing Ground

After more than four decades of serving as the nation’s economic majority, the American middle class is now matched in number by those in the economic tiers above and below it. In early 2015, 120.8 million adults were in middle-income households, compared with 121.3 million in lower- and upper-income households combined, a demographic shift that […]