How rising inequality hurts everyone, even the rich

Over the past 40 or so years, the American economy has been funneling wealth and income, reverse Robin Hood-style, from the pockets of the bottom 99 percent to the coffers of the top 1 percent. The total transfer, to the richest from everyone else, amounts to 10 percent of national income and 15 percent of national wealth. […]

Tens of millions of Americans are being left out of the economic recovery — and it’s easier than ever to see who they are

A report has found that more than 52 million Americans live in deeply disadvantaged, “distressed” neighborhoods. Distressed areas saw declines in both jobs and business establishments during the national economic recovery. Wealthy neighborhoods have dominated the recovery, generating 52% of the country’s new jobs. A new online interactive tool helps Americans visualize just how economically divided […]

The House Health Care Disaster Is Really About Taxes

I have been a critic of Obamacare since it became law, but the Republican alternative is worse in nearly every way. The American Health Care Act, which was narrowly passed in the House last week, would worsen Obamacare’s problems rather than fix them. Coverage would be disrupted for millions almost immediately, according to a Congressional Budget Office analysis of […]