Apple and the Fruits of Tax Cuts

Republican candidates have pretty much stopped talking about their party’s only major legislative achievement under Donald Trump, the 2017 tax cut. Ads touting the tax law have largely vanished from the airwaves. But the Koch brothers — big boosters of the cut and among its biggest beneficiaries — haven’t given up. Their latest move: spending $20 million […]

America Is Minting More Millionaire Retirees Than Ever

American retirees are healthier and wealthier than ever. But wiser? A new report throws a little doubt on that notion. Money manager United Income analyzed data from sources, including the Federal Reserve Board, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Centers for Disease Control, to examine the changing the lives of American retirees. One of every six […]

A Time for Big Economic Ideas

The headlines may talk about growth, but we are living in a dark economic era. For most families, income and wealth have stagnated in recent decades, barely keeping pace with inflation. Nearly all the bounty of the economy’s growth has flowed to the affluent. And if you somehow doubt the economic data, it’s worth looking […]