Safety Net More Effective Against Poverty Than Previously Thought

Previous analysis of Census data showed that safety net programs cut the poverty rate nearly in half.[1] Data released recently by the Urban Institute, which correct for underreporting of key government benefits in the Census survey, reveal an even stronger impact:  the safety net reduced the poverty rate from 29.1 percent to 13.8 percent in 2012 […]

Millions of Americans Are Among the Poorest People in the World

In 2015 it was reported that up to 50 million American adults had negative wealth and thus numbered among the poorest 10% of the world’s adults. This was disputed by Vox writer Matthew Yglesias, who said, “..that’s absurd. The poorest people in the world are the people with rock-bottom material living standards.” It’s difficult for many Americans to […]

We fought a war on lies, and lies won

Ronald Reagan gave America so many pretty sayings, but when it comes to social equality, he’ll go down in history for his lyrical lie, “The federal government declared a war on poverty, and poverty won.” (He said it many times, many ways; that exact quote is from his 1988 State of the Union address.) Of course, […]

4 Ways Trump and GOP Have Launched a Full-Out Assault on America’s Poorest

During the first year of the Trump administration, the word “unprecedented” has been used so many times it has almost lost its meaning. But there simply is no other word to describe this presidency. First and foremost, there is the unprecedented degree to which the administration has attacked the country’s institutions in ways that threaten […]