Food Stamp Use Is Falling, and the GOP Wants to Cut It Even More

Amid mounting efforts by congressional Republicans and many states to reduce the growth in the federal food stamp program, spending on the program dropped by three percent during the first half of fiscal 2016 compared to a year ago, according to new Treasury Department data. While a three-percent drop in a multi-billion-dollar federal program may […]

Trumpism and Clintonism Are the Future

No matter who wins the New York primaries on Tuesday or which candidates end up as the presidential nominees of the two major parties, one thing is already clear: Trumpism represents the future of the Republicans and Clintonism the future of the Democrats. Those who see the nationalist populism of Mr. Trump as an aberration […]

This may be the most important chart for understanding politics today

There is nothing Donald Trump hates more than losers, but, statistically-speaking, that is what his supporters are. Now, I don’t mean to sound so harsh. I don’t think Trump’s supporters are “losers” in the same sense he uses the word—seemingly anyone who didn’t have an eight-figure inheritance to, a couple of corporate bankruptcies aside, turn into a […]

Economic Growth vs. Social Insurance—Why Can’t We Have Both?

Why do Republicans on the campaign trail tend to emphasize policies that are focused on enhancing long-run economic growth while Democrats tend to focus more on immediate problems such as high unemployment? Republicans have a Club for Growth that grades politicians on their support of “free-market, limited government” policies that they believe are the key […]