Economic Growth vs. Social Insurance—Why Can’t We Have Both?

Why do Republicans on the campaign trail tend to emphasize policies that are focused on enhancing long-run economic growth while Democrats tend to focus more on immediate problems such as high unemployment? Republicans have a Club for Growth that grades politicians on their support of “free-market, limited government” policies that they believe are the key […]

The fastest growth in wage inequality between men happened in 2015

In my new paper on trends in wages in 2015, I discuss the resurgence of the growth in inequality. The main story of 2015 wage trends is that they were very unequal—so much so that the fastest growth in wage inequality between men happened in 2015. Wage inequality can be measured in a number of […]

Wage inequality continued its 35-year rise in 2015

Over the last three-and-a-half decades, rising inequality has been a defining feature of the American economy. The way rising inequality has directly affected most Americans is through sluggish hourly wage growth in recent decades, despite an expanding and increasingly productive economy. For example, had all workers’ wages risen in line with productivity, as they did […]

What’s More American Than Inheriting a Fortune?

Donald J. Trump, as he is happy to tell anyone who will listen for five seconds, is wealthy. Although he has yet to provide the tax returns that would tell us exactly how much he’s worth, he reminds voters again and again: “I’m really rich.” He said as much when he announced his campaign. Yet […]