America’s Shampoo Economy

I recently gave an update on America’s economic policy, such as it is, to a group of bankers. I expected a great deal of interest in the Republican tax plan, but instead, they wanted to talk about how costly it was for them to comply with the rules introduced by the Dodd-Frank reform bill. While […]

Tax Plan Aims to Slay a Reagan Target: The Government Beast

It was the spring of 1985 when President Ronald Reagan first proposed to put an end to the state and local tax deduction. The idea was, to be sure, politically tricky. The provision had been around since the creation of the federal income tax in 1913, the budgetary expression of America’s celebrated federalism. As Justice Louis Brandeis […]

After 7 Years of Job Growth, Room for More, or Danger Ahead?

The economy’s vital signs are stronger than they have been in years. Companies are posting jobs faster than they can find workers to fill them. Incomes are rising. The stock market sets records seemingly every month. The latest evidence of the revival came Friday, when the Labor Department reported that American employers added 228,000 jobs […]