On Health and Welfare, Moral Arguments Can Outweigh Economics

When Representative Mo Brooks said it was unfair that healthy “people who lead good lives” should have to subsidize the insurance of unhealthier ones who presumably don’t, he bluntly raised an often unspoken question that runs through policy debates in Washington: Who deserves government aid and who does not? Such proposals can be — and often are […]

Inequality crisis: Blacks and Latinos on the road to zero wealth

What would U.S. society be like if a majority of families had no wealth — no savings, no home equity, no investments of any kind? That is exactly where the country is headed if we continue on our path toward economic dystopia for African-American and Latino families. While we celebrate a modest reduction in poverty rates and […]


America is heading toward “a racial and economic apartheid state.” As the country becomes more diverse, today’s wealth gaps between whites and non-whites are poised to grow unless government policies helping people build personal wealth are reformed. That is the takeaway from a dramatic new report, “The Road to Zero Wealth,” co-authored by the Institute for Policy […]

Federal Spending and Revenues Will Need to Grow in Coming Years, Not Shrink

Although some policymakers seek to prevent the federal government from growing, or to shrink it, federal spending and taxes will have to grow significantly as a share of the economy in the coming decades.  This is not a statement of political values; it’s a reflection of basic realities — the aging of America’s population, health […]