It’s not the white working class that is hurting the most

Think about those who have been left behind in the economy, and you might picture the white working class. Muchhasbeensaidsincetheelection about the plight of former manufacturing workers in the Rust Belt who can no longer find good-paying jobs. The focus makes sense: President-elect Donald Trump was lifted into office by white adults over 25 without […]


SUMMARY Racial and ethnic gaps in wealth are substantial and persistent. The wealth of the typical White household in 2013 was 13 times that of the typical Black household and 10 times that of the typical Hispanic household. Over the past three decades, the gap in wealth between Whites and African-Americans has increased, while the […]

Greenstein: “America’s concern for the poor is about to be tested”

With the 115th Congress convening today, CBPP President Robert Greenstein’s Washington Postop-ed explains that GOP leaders will likely pursue radical changes in core safety net programs this year and shrink other important programs for low- and moderate-income people. Here’s the opening: Poor Americans are facing the gravest threat to the federal safety net in decades […]