Distributional National Accounts: Methods and Estimates for the United States

We thank Tony Atkinson, Oded Galor, David Johnson, Arthur Kennickell, Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, John Sabelhaus, David Splinter, and numerous seminar and conference participants for helpful discussions and comments. Antoine Arnoud, Kaveh Danesh, Sam Karlin, Juliana Londono-Velez, Carl McPherson provided outstanding research assistance. We acknowledge financial support from the Center for Equitable Growth at UC Berkeley, the […]

Donald Trump’s wrecking crew: A cabinet of zealots who yearn to destroy their own agencies

In one sense, it’s nothing new. At least since Ronald Reagan took office in 1981, Republican presidents have appointed people to head government agencies whose mission or even existence they opposed. But Donald Trump is doing this on a scale never seen before, across multiple fronts, with massive, well-funded advocacy structures positioned to support his […]

Severe Inequality Is Incompatible With the American Dream

The numbers are sobering: People born in the 1940s had a 92 percent chance of earning more than their parents did at age 30. For people born in the 1980s, by contrast, the chances were just 50-50. The finding comes from a new paper out of The Equality of Opportunity Project, a joint research effort […]