The Fiscal Disarmament Of President Trump and the GOP

President Trump, who sees himself as the toughest guy in the room, is, along with his GOP allies in Congress, disarming the federal government’s ability to respond to a future economic slowdown. In a seemingly frantic effort to boost the short-term economy, the president has pushed a tax cut that will add more than $1 […]

The History Of Chicago’s Public Housing In ‘High-Risers’

SCOTT SIMON, HOST: Twenty-three high-rise towers on Chicago’s North Side blotched by broken windows and bars over its terraces came to symbolize public housing for many Americans in the late 20th century. The Cabrini-Green housing project was depicted in “Good Times” – the long-running TV series – and films like “Cooley High,” “Hardball, “Candyman” and […]

Poverty American Style

In December last year, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Professor Philip Alston, issued a statementon his 15-day fact-finding mission of some of the US’s poorest neighbourhoods.   Alston, author of the quoted phrase in the subtitle above, is an Australian who is professor of law at New York University.  During his mission […]