Striking new research on inequality: ‘Whatever you thought, it’s worse’

Social mobility, the amount that a typical American moves up or down the economic ladder from where their parents and grandparents stood, has became a major focus of political discussion, academic research and popular outrage in the years since the global financial crisis. While Americans have traditionally seen their country as a place where anyone can make through […]

To Remake the World: Slavery, Racial Capitalism, and Justice

It is a commonplace to say that slavery “dehumanized” enslaved people, but to do so is misleading, harmful, and worth resisting. I hasten to add that there are, of course, plenty of right-minded reasons for adopting the notion of “dehumanization.” It is hard to square the idea of millions of people being bought and sold, […]

What’s Behind a Rise in Ethnic Nationalism? Maybe the Economy

Global economic weakness and a rise in inequality appear to be causing a disturbing growth in ethnic nationalism. Leaders today often do not openly declare themselves to be ethnic nationalists — in which identity is defined by perceived genetic, religious or linguistic heritage rather than democratic ideals or principles. But political appeals to such forms […]